The   Neumie   Awards.
                                      All-Time Legends and Leaders

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Leaders:  Known as the 'Big Seven'. The current Leaders or 'heavy-hitters'... (in no particular order)

Green Day
The Pogues
Bob Dylan
Counting Crows

Party-Crashers: Up-and-Coming artists that could become the next Leaders. Who will move up next? There may be two openings: The Pogues haven't been active in a decade, and R.E.M. just broke up...

My Morning Jacket
The Killers
Arcade Fire
Avett Brothers
Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes
Bruce Springsteen

Legends: The Neumie "Hall of Fame". Former Leaders that moved to this select group.

The Beatles
The Rolling Stones
Billy Joel
Creedence Clearwater Revival
The Clash
Traveling Wilburys
Tom Petty
Velvet Underground